• Present of slavery past

    Het Tropenmuseum

    With the Present of Slavery Past, the Tropenmuseum wants to make visitors aware of current, contemporary legacies of slavery and colonialism in the Netherlands. Kloosterboer was responsible for the realization of the exhibition

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  • Nineveh

    Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

    Nineveh, once the largest city in the world, is brought to life at the National Museum of Antiquities. This exhibition takes you back to the heyday of Nineveh, the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in what is now northern Iraq.

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  • Game changers: maritime innovations

    National Maritime Museum

    At the exhibition 'Game changers | maritime innovations', you can marvel at 25 of the most beautiful, exciting, and strangest inventions in Dutch maritime history. Kloosterboer was responsible for the production of the presentation. In addition to the furniture elements and showcases we also built a special reconstruction model of the world's first submarine - the Drebbel - dating from the seventeenth century.

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  • TIRPITZ Museum


    On the west coast of Denmark an impressive new museum has risen from the dunes. For various exhibition rooms Tinker Imagineers designed spectacular formations of bunkers, dunes, trees and amber stones. Kloosterboer was responsible for the full realization of the new permanent exhibition. Including the technique for projections, light and sound.

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  • Fort K'IJK

    Experience center

    In 2017, the restoration of the old fort at Krommeniedijk was completed and the old visitor center has been replaced by a completely renewed experience center. Kloosterboer provided the interior of the visitor center, including the interactive experience that takes you through the different spaces and the landscape.

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  • Zoetrope

    Efteling & Coca Cola

    In theme park the Efteling the Coca-Cola Zoetrope has been revealed. Kloosterboer was - in close collaboration with Next Empire - responsible for the entire show installation. By means of rotating parts and light effects this wonderful world comes to life.

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