The younger you taught to handle money well, the smaller the chance of having money problems later on. That is the idea and ambition of MONEYlab in the Tax & Customs Museum


Young people aged 10 to 14 learn how to deal with money in a colorful interactive setting. The focus is on 9 games, in which money is earned, spent, borrowed and saved. While playing the games, young people are faced with dilemmas, temptations and risks, based on recognizable situations from everyday life.


Kloosterboer is responsible for the construction of this new set-up, including delivery and installation of audiovisual multimedia.


From April 13, young people can visit MONEYLab to test their financial attitude, individually or in a class setting.

  • client

    Belasting & Douane Museum

  • design

    Reinier Hamel & Mathijs de Groot

  • interactive games

    Kiss the Frog

  • photography

    Lotte Stekelenburg

  • Labels

    av-multimedia, interactive, musea