Fine Face

Eline Arbo directs Maria Kraakman in the prize-winning play by author Suzie Miller. The hard-hitting monologue that caused a furore on the West End and Broadway can now be seen in Dutch for the first time.


“Tessa is a smart and ruthless criminal lawyer who specializes in sex crimes. She has managed to break away from her working-class background and is now surrounded by old money and the privileged elite. Judiciary is a sport for her. An unexpected event confronts her with the tense relationship between the patriarchal power of the law, the burden of proof and morality.”


Kloosterboer is responsible for building the decor.


Playing period from 28 Nov '23 to 13 Apr '24

  • client

    International Theater Amsterdam

  • Direction

    Eline Arbo

  • scenography

    Renee Faveere

  • photography

    Fabian Callis

  • Tags

    decor, theater

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