The laws

In her debut novel The laws Connie Palmen tells the story of a woman in search of herself. Eline Arbo makes a contemporary adaptation in which the characters break free from gender and origin.

Young philosophy student Marie longs for knowledge and a meaningful life. Her dream is to learn to see reality with her own eyes and become a writer.

In seven consecutive encounters she is introduced to the different ways in which knowledge of our own and other people's personalities has been shaped throughout history.

The revolving stage, designed by Roel Van Berckelaer, symbolizes both the Amsterdam of the 1980s in which the book is set and Marie's mental quest. The circular space also refers to Arbo's earlier pieces, The Hours and The Years.

Kloosterboer is responsible for building the decor


Playing period from March 13 '24 to March 24 '24

  • client

    International Theater Amsterdam

  • Direction

    Eline Arbo

  • scenography

    Roel van Berckelaer

  • photography

    Dim Balm

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