Maritime Muzeeum Zeeland

In the renovated Maritime Muzeeum Zeeland you will discover the maritime history of Zeeland and its connection with the world of today. The museum is partly located in the historic Lampsinshuis, where the employers of the famous seafarer Michiel De Ruyter lived and worked.


As a visitor you go on a sea voyage through the different rooms of the museum, each with its own theme. The exhibition consists of maritime masterpieces and archaeological finds, which come to life through exciting, interactive games, an audio tour and beautiful video animations.


Kloosterboer was able to realize the completely new interior according to a design by Platvorm. This project presented great challenges for our technical department, which was responsible for the lighting, show control, audiovisual hardware and electromechanical exhibits. Including integrated projections, interactive setups and a combination of a real saw that activates the sawmill model.

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