Your house of tomorrow

Your house of tomorrow is an innovative mobile counter about energy saving and sustainable living in the form of 2 Amsterdam buildings. These buildings contain all kinds of rooms, such as a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom.

There is something to experience and learn in every room. This way, visitors can learn more about improving their home and how they can save energy and money. Insulating materials can be seen and felt. It shows how you can use the boiler more efficiently or get advice about purchasing promotions for heat pumps.

The house is firmly mounted on an electric car and is ready to explore the streets of Amsterdam. In many cases, there are people from the municipality and advisors at the counter who can provide information about energy savings, home insulation and the installation of natural gas-free solutions, for example. Your house of tomorrow moves from neighborhood to neighborhood and from event to event.

Project in collaboration with OPERA Amsterdam and Studio Louter. Kloosterboer took care of the construction as well as the audiovisual hardware, AV design and the complete electrical installation including show control.

  • client

    Municipality of Amsterdam

  • design

    Opera Amsterdam

  • development & content

    Studio Louter

  • photography

    Sanne Couprie & Studio Louter

  • Tags

    interactive, specials

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